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Entrance Doors

Looking for some stunning ideas for a new entrance door? Even if you don't consider yourself a decorator, you don't need to hire a professional to help you choose a door that's both eye catching and practical. All you need are some suggestions to help get you started. Some modern trends in entrance doors include:

Entrance Door Style Trends

  • Corinthian-inspired: Think columns and heavy-set carvings. Ancient Corinthian architecture borrowed from both Greek and Roman influences. Today, Corinthian-inspired doors can be as simple as a curved etching, or as detailed as an ornately-carved wooden overlay, or stone pillars.
  • Arches: Arched-shaped doors and entries are timeless. The shape of an old-fashioned arch can be combined with modern materials and colors to create a contemporary look with a hint of yesteryear quality.
  • Spanish-style: This look may be perfect for the southwest-style residence or commercial building. Tile, wrought iron, and earthy, rustic elements contribute to a look that is reminiscent of Mexico or Old Spain.
  • "Green" doors: There's a lot of talk about going "green" and doing one's part for the environment. Builders and building supplies manufacturers are encouraging this trend by creating environmentally-friendly products, including doors. Why not choose a door that is built using native wood products and locally-mined metals? Look for a door which has been manufactured with as little negative environmental impact as possible. This helps to fuel local economies and minimizes the "green footprint" left behind.
  • French-style: French doors have multiple glass panes inset. Bars or decorative grilles usually separate the panes. They usually consist of two doors rather than one. One door is hinged on the left; the other door is hinged on the right. French doors have a rich history. They've been around for years, and even though decorating trends have changed, French doors still work well today with just about any home style.

These are only a few ideas to get you started. The options for entrance doors are literally endless, since you can choose from various materials (such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.), hardware, types of glass, and more. Most any door style that you like can be created in the type of material that you prefer. This means that even if you're on a tight budget you don't have to sacrifice style.

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