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Custom Doors Offer More Than Just A Pretty Face

For most home owners and even small business owners, the idea of custom doors seems like a rather extravagant expense considering that you can just as easily have a regular stock door installed. What is a door? It's nothing more than a modern method of blocking the elements from entering our buildings and our homes while allowing access to the outside, right? A custom door, when built and installed correctly, can offer much more than just basic elemental protection. The right door can add extra security, can increase the value of a home or business, and even help maintain lower utility bills.

Obviously, placing a custom door on your home is going to represent your home in a much more sophisticated manner, lending credence to the idea that your door speaks for the entire house. And if your house could speak, what would your door be trying to explain? Is it apologizing for its worn and weathered look or is it one of the few houses in your neighborhood that actually gets a little attention because of the well spoken door that greets the world? While it may be a rare event, have you ever passed a house and actually complimented the door?

Custom designed and installed doors can save you money

The custom door that represents your home can speak very well of your taste in quality, in style, and create an entire ambiance for your home's décor while reducing your utility bills by providing the perfect fit. A door that is directly fitted into the allotted area can create a much tighter seal, which in turn will prevent air leakage, one of the most common heating and cooling expenses in today's average home. It doesn't matter if your home is one hundred years old or one year old, your fit could be off by as much as three centimeters if you reside behind an "average" door. That is a constant stream of warm or cold air working directly against your heating or cooling bill. Many homes can save the cost of the custom door within three years of installation. That is definitely worth checking into.

Small businesses can attract customers with a custom designed storefront

Small business owners, as well, can make a strong statement about their business just as home owners can make about their home. Studies have proven that an aesthetically pleasing storefront attracts nearly 45% more paying customers than a plain Jane door that is more than ten years old. For 45% more paying customers added to the energy bill savings, a custom door can be just the right boost a small business needs in a highly competitive market.

The custom door industry has gone to great lengths to offer their consumers more than just a pretty face. A door needs to functional, an asset, and a decorative ornamental piece that attracts attention and calls out to you when you pull into the driveway after a lengthy day. Surprisingly affordable, the custom door that just might change the face of your home may very well be the face lift your office, business, or home has been craving.

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