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Trends in Architectural Doors

Like all trends in building, door styles have changed in the past decade. Architectural doors are gaining popularity, both in commercial as well as in residential buildings. Even big developers who are building homes by the masses are increasingly choosing architectural doors over the once popular assembly-line versions. This is because, while mass-produced doors may be cheaper to build a new home with, today's consumers are looking for something a little extra when purchasing a new home. Installing architectural doors in new developments offers a competitive edge which attracts buyers.

Of course, architectural doors are nothing new. Architectural design dates back as far as building itself. From Egyptian temples and monuments, to ancient Greek porticoes, to the famous arches of old Rome, today's architectural doors draw from a combination of inspirations.

Architectural Door Designs Inspired by Environment

While doors were by and large an afterthought for many years in North American building, today they are an integral part of a building's style and character. Increasingly, contemporary architectural doors are drawing from a variety of sources for design inspiration. One of today's biggest trends is building with doors inspired by the environmental surroundings. This includes fashioning doors with local materials, like native trees and locally-mined metals. Both commercial and residential architectural doors are being designed to blend in with, and to complement, the natural beauty outdoors. This trend has the added bonus of fueling local economies and helping communities to be self-sustaining.

Advantages of building with architectural doors

The advantages to building with architectural doors are undeniable. They tend to last much longer than their assembly-line cousins. This is because higher-quality materials are generally used, and more time and care is given to good manufacturing. Architectural doors can be built using wider range of materials, combining resources like aluminum, steel, stone, and more, in ways that are unique and beautiful. They also tend to be more efficient in terms of keeping weather out and heat or cold inside. Add to this the fact that enhanced security features can be tailored to specific needs and built right in, and it's easy to understand why architectural doors are more popular than ever.

Of course, the true connoisseur appreciates architectural doors for their artistic quality. More than just a functional piece of a building, they speak of true class and impeccable taste. Architectural doors can be designed to exact specifications. If you can dream it, we can make it.

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