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Why Choose Aluminum Doors?

What associations come to mind when you think of aluminum? Perhaps you think of strength, functionality, and practicality. As a building and manufacturing material, aluminum is strong yet relatively lightweight, making it ideal for many industrial and building applications. That includes aluminum doors.

Aluminum Entry Doors can be functional and beautiful

Yet, many people also think of aluminum as utilitarian, bland, and without beauty. This is a common misconception. In reality, aluminum can be as aesthetic as it is strong. In fact, when it comes to maximizing your dollar, aluminum doors offer the best value on the market. Some of characteristics of aluminum which make it such an excellent material of choice for doors are:

  • It is lightweight. As mentioned above, aluminum is light. In comparison with other common door materials, such as wood, it makes doors easier to swing open and shut.
  • It is strong. Despite its light weight, aluminum is surprisingly strong, offering superior strength-to-weight ratio. It is even strong enough to resist some denting, and doesn't become brittle or susceptible to warping in extreme temperatures like steel or wood.
  • It is malleable. Aluminum is easily cut, welded, pounded, and fashioned into different shapes and textures. Aluminum doors can be embossed with wood-grain patterns or geometric shapes.
  • It resists corrosion. This is especially important when it comes to exterior doors. Exposure to the environment for several years can cause doors made of wood or steel to become weathered. By contrast, aluminum forms a thin layer of aluminum oxide when exposed to the air. This essentially 'seals' the metal and prevents any further oxidation. This means that your aluminum door will last for many years without rusting.
  • It can be painted and re-painted. Think all aluminum is silver? Though it starts out silvery in color, it can be painted in any color imaginable. It can be re-painted too, even after many years (though a primer may need to be applied first).
  • It is relatively inexpensive. Whether you choose a custom-made door or one off the shelf, aluminum doors are inexpensive, especially when you consider how many years your door will last.

Take a close look the next time you knock on someone's front door. What appears to be wood at first glance will probably turn out to be an aluminum door. Aluminum is extremely versatile, and can be made to fit any decorative scheme. Few materials can provide the type of quality that aluminum does when it comes to manufacturing a door.

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